New tune : DJ Roll Call

I had this idea of writing a deejay roll call kind of song for a long time, being fan of the Charlie Chaplin one. I started to put some lines together when Nick Ranking Sleeker from Athens contacted me, saying he and his producing brother Spero Demus would like to make a song with me, with a DJ connection thematic. In french we say “le hasard fait bien les choses”, and a couple of months after the tune was ready! It was a real pleasure to work with Spero Sound!

So this one is a special dedication to all deejay and singer I’ve met or worked with along the way, who influenced me and motivated me to work more. Some became friends or even family. So big up who fi big up Long Fingah, Real Rockers posse, Cookah & Likkle Ferguson, Jah Screechy, Tenor Youthman, Nazamba, Peter Youthman, Junior Roy, Ranking Diximal, Colonel Maxwell, Yugo Taguchi, Kali Green, George Palmer and more…
Special thought to Trevor Junior who doesnt appear in this song but gave me strenght and self confidence at the begining of this journey, RIP general.
Respect to Spero Demus for the wicked production!!

You can buy it here

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