Beware (lyrics video)

Lyrics video of the Beware single, about the danger and rise from far right.

DJ Roll Call

Lyrics video for DJ Roll Call

No Mafia w/ Longfingah & Yugo T

Berlin 3 the hard way, with yours truly as the don. Video by Longfingah and Hardy, big up unosef

Cooking Move

Video by the big bad DaveMad, made in Berlin between some french restaurant kitchen and underground cheese dealer basement...

Summer Holiday feat. Likkle Ferguson

Riddim by Raggattack, I made the lyrics video myself.

Live Stream (Ah The New Hot Thing)

Riddim by Hotta Henne, I made the video myself, with the help of the glorious Paul Crocket, on some windy days during the first lockdown.

Toussaint Louverture

Riddim and lyrics video made by Medo aka Balkan's Hifi. A song to celebrate the life of the great Toussaint, whose won't be enough talked about.

Dancehall Freak

Video made by DaveMad. My first "clean" video, we had a lot of fun doing it!

Freestyle at Caveman Rub A Dub Wednesday

Memory of a wednesday evening in Kingston, at the legendary Caveman (the sound who buss Sizzla and many more), in the good company of Nazamba, Steady Ranks, the Digital Steppaz crew and more. Got 3 pull up on this one, I was feeling like a little kid making it!

Hotta Riddims Showcase at Kanaga records shop

The showcase we made for the release of Dancehall Freak, at Kanaga records shop in Paris. Have to big up Wondim for the opportunity! Video made by Doudou, aka ReggaeParis.

Upfull dances

Impression from some "Mic Attack" dances we set up in the Complex in Paris. Those were some good times, with a lot of laugh, beer and vibes.