Official deejay from parisian crew Upfull Posse, Tonto Addi ram dancehall since 2007. His style blends influences from jamaican 80's early dancehall with lyrics inspired by his personal experience, his vision of the world and readapting the genre's usual codes. Based in Berlin since 2013, he dropped his debut project Dancehall Showcase in 2014, produced by Raggattack, followed by his first 7” vinyl single, Operation Evacuation, with Hotta Henne which has been sold out in 3 months.

Subsequent big releases included his second album Dancehall Freak, produced by Hotta Henne in 2019, followed by two EPs on the Upfull Posse label: Cooking Move with Raggattack in 2021 and Beware with Real Rockers in 2022.
In addition to the albums, Addi has consistently released digital or vinyl singles throughout the years, with label such as Hotta Riddims, Dancehall Tradition, JStar, Midnight Resistance, Balkans Hi-Fi, or Spero Demus. He is currently working on several projects including a new album.

Addi regularly tours all over Europe, and played festivals like Dub Camp, No Logo, Fusion. True to the rub a dub game, expect an energetic show, full a lyrics and well versatile!

Additionally, he's actively involved in event promotion and label management, co-organizing dances in Paris and Berlin, and managing both the Hotta Riddims and Upfull Posse labels.