Brand new website

After years of procrastination and sometime long days of work, here is my website! It is not completely finished and will evolve in the future. In a world where insta, tiktok and co. are the new hype way to promote music, I, as a rubadub deejay, like the idea to stay old school and launch a good old website in 2021. My plan is to be more active here than in the social medias, and to post regularly. To subscribe to the newsletter is a nice idea too, I will send you infos bout the new releases and maybe some exclusive material.

Whaa gwaan now in december 2021 for I? The clubs can open in Berlin, but with a “Tanzverbot”… Not convenient to organize a dance! So I will move to the west, this saturday, to my parents’ home town Nantes, for the Invalved Social Club, with Invalved sound and the big bad Dub Shepherds. I’m looking forward bad, it’s one of the only real session for me this year!

And meanwhile, if you need some good music, check the new mix of my Berlin Team Rub a Dub fam. The thing called Serious Time and was made by two of the best selectors in Germany when it comes bout 80’s reggae : Hotta Henne and Riddim Bwoy, aka Riddim Dada!

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